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About Us

HNM Couriers is a freight forwarding service provider that fulfills your online shopping needs. Our services are currently extended to the following parishes Trelawny, St. James, Hanover and Westmoreland. If you are located outside the specified region please enquire with us before proceeding.

We at HNM Couriers strive to make online shopping hassle free in Jamaica. We do so by providing our valued customers with these three (3) essential characteristics:

  •  Speed - We currently recieve shipments from miami twice per week allowing you to receive your packages expeditiously.

  •  Efficiency - We strive to deliver quality services at a resonable cost.

  •  Consistency - Our reputation is our greatest asset therefore we always aim to offer stability in the way we deliver to our customers.

Our Services

  1. Credit card: There are sites that do not allow international credit card purchases. Not a problem speak with us today. This service is also extended to shoppers in general who doesn't have a credit card and need to shop online.

  2. Shopping Assistance: If you are new to online shopping and need assistance in making purchases, our highly experienced team will be ready to help.

  3. Customs: We at HNM Couriers handles customs clearance for your packages. All we ask is that you provide details where relevant by using the prealert feature which allows a smooth and expedited process for ontime package delivery. 

  4. Rates: Our competitive rates are dependent on weight and cost of the package contents ONLY.

  5. Delivery: Every customer is eligible for FREE package delivery. We made perparations for you to add delivery addresses to your account and selecting it when prealerting your package(s).

  6. Points (Coming Soon!): Each successful pre-alert cycle is awarded points that is added to your account. Accumulated points can be used to apply discounts to your package clearance. Additional points can also be earned through our various promotions when available.

  7. Tracking: After making purchases online the merchant will provide a courier tracking for your package to your US mailing address. We STRONGLY advise that you prealert your packages and use our tracking system provided that sends out frequent status updates via email.